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How to wear Ihram´┐╝

The ihram is made up of two white unsewn sheets. To put it on:

  • Stand with your feet apart to create the right shape, and hold the first sheet behind you, before wrapping one length of the sheet over the other in front of you.
  • Once you have wrapped the sheet around your lower body, fold over or roll the top of the sheet several times along your waistline to keep it in place, making sure that it ends up higher than your belly button.
  • Next, take the second sheet and place it around your shoulders like a cape.
  • Make one side longer than the other, and flick the longer length over your shoulder.
  • Finally, place some pins in the sheets to keep them in place.
  • Always make sure that you have good coverage at the back for when you go into sujood in salat, and keep the bottom sheet above the navel to make sure that your awrah is always properly covered.   


Our Portfolio

It’s an all in one platform for all travel solutions for Travel Agencies as well as the Individuals. This platform is playing vital role in the field of Tourism because this is the first platform which has been introduced from Madinah Al Munawarah, K.S.A. We are offering flights, hotels, Car Rental, Train, Transfer, Cruise, Buses & Fairy. We have other services like Tailor-made Packages. Also the customers can see the activities around the world so they can make their packages accordingly. We have competitive rates and the payment can be done easily because we have three ways of payments i.e. Deposit, Book Now Pay Later & Credit. We have convenient payment methods like Credit & Debit Cards, Paypal, STC Pay and MADA. As well as, Apple Pay is on the way to be integrated with us. We have customized vouchers facility in which Travel Agents can make customized vouchers for their customers. Again its beneficial for B2B because we facilitate our customers with the flexible commission. The more you will invest, the least will be the commission. We have a marketing team who is handling marketing tasks like personal marketing, E-marketing and social media marketing. Our Key-Accounts department is always there to facilitate the clients & customers to help them completing their registration process & to assist them in case they face any problem. As this is a global platform so we are providing these services in different languages for the utility of our clients. Our payment methods and processes of completing reservation is easy as this platform is user friendly. As for B2C, it’s beneficial as well because it’s a direct competitor of all domestic online travel services providers in Saudi Arabia and we have competitive rates & services.

Zowar is our other platform which is the most vital project of Hasoob Technology. Here we are providing Umrah Services from Madinah Al Munawarah, K.S.A. This platform is designed for both B2B & B2C, for both External Agents and Customers. This platform has been developed under the banner of Hasoob Technology. We are providing the hotels of Makkah & Madinah in this platform. Not only this, we have also the Umrah Companies and Transport Companies which have been linked with us in this platform. This portal is more beneficial as we have been integrated with Ministry of Hajj & Umrah (MAQAM). We are one of the few companies which have been registered with MAQAM as of now. Customers can register to this platform for free and they will get all the benefits related to Hotels, Transport and Umrah Services. The Umrah Companies can get benefit from Flights, Hotels and Transport in order to process visas for their customers. We have competitive rates because of low rate of commission. is a platform from Manazil Al Mukhtara Company which is designed for both B2B (Companies) & B2C (Individuals). This platform is designed especially for the hotels of Manazil Al Mukhtara Company. This platform has been developed under Hasoob Technology. All Hotels of Al Mukhtara Company are available in this platform with the best rates and they have been linked with the central reservation system of Hotels. Customers can register to this platform for free and they will get all the benefits related to hotels in order to book their stay. This platform is the competitor for all B2B & B2C Online Travel Agencies on which Al Mukhtara Hotels have been registered because it is directly linked with the Reservation System as mentioned above. That’s why the factor of Commission for those OTA’s will be omitted and the customers can enjoy direct purchase from Al Mukhtara. The purpose of this platform is to remove the channels between the customers and Al Mukhtara Company.

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